About Sacred Bodies

Those Who Honor Their Body More Than The World

Can Be Entrusted With The World

Those Who Cherish Their Body More Than The World 

Can Be Encharged With the World

(Verse 13 of the Daodejing, translated by Red Pine)


Sacred Bodies is dedicated to the work and the practice of ennobling and ensouling our relationship with our bodies.

By this I mean our physical bodies – how we take care of, nurture, pleasure, and train our own physical bodies. But I also mean the extended bodies of which we are part. The wider body of humanity, our brothers and sisters in life, as well as the myriad other forms of life in this world. And the beautiful body of the Earth Herself, our only home.

The sacred physical practices offered here sensitize and spiritualize our bodies. Although these are personal practices, they are compassion-based – meaning that through the dedication of our spirit, we enhance our capacity to enter into the world and to serve with love, joy, compassion and tenderness.

Please join me in practice